Earthquake Museum International Architectural Project Competition

Call for Advisory and Organizing Committee

This call is for the determination of the advisory committee members who will contribute to the discussion, evaluation, and presentation of the theme of the "Earthquake Museum" architectural project competition.

Subject and Purpose of the Competition:

In the Kahramanmaraş earthquakes on 6 February 2023, we have painfully experienced the dreadful destruction caused by the improper construction and ultimate  threat it poses to life. While scientists remind us at every opportunity that we are an "earthquake country", we have forgotten that forces of nature may turn into disasters by human hands. Perhaps we have overlooked the necessity of building a common/collective consciousness, which is the essential condition of being able to live with earthquakes.

This text is a call to create a space of collective consciousness to develop  the hope  for our future, with the pain and mourning of our losses in our hearts. 

This initiative aims to create a platform for confronting ourselves, discussing, re-evaluating, and redefining the concept of earthquake awareness with universal values through our society and geography. To explain  that a resilient and sustainable future can only be built through collective  awareness, internalized social consciousness, redefined priorities, and scientific approaches, and the responsibility of believing in hope for our future are among the concepts that the “museum” will represent.

Method and Phases:

Responders to the call are expected to contribute to the process in five phases, which are explained below.

Phase 1: Establishing the Advisory and Organizing Committee

The Advisory and Organizing Committee is an international commission expected to support the entire competition process, including this call text. The process primarily includes processing the information listed below and transferring it to the competition specifications.

Phase 2: Identifying Needs and Expectations

To commemorate the lives that ended in the Kahramanmaraş earthquakes, participants are expected to design spatial arrangements/scenarios that describe and interpret the earthquake reality, and invite the society and individuals to together create more permanent, transformative, radical approaches and proposals about earthquakes.

In this context;

Phase 3: Constituting Specifications and Evaluation Jury of the Architectural Project Competition

Invited Jury and advisors: Jury members are suggested by the members of the Competition Organizing Committee and the relevant institutions involved in the process. Jury members and advisors are expected to be from different interests such as architects, engineers, geoscientists, city planners, post-disaster workers, intellectuals, and sociologists. Opinions are expected on determining the following issues:

Phase 4: Searching Resources for the Realization of the Competition

Phase 5: Searching Resources to Implement the Winning Project

The call is open to anyone who wishes to contribute within the framework and phases mentioned above.

Applications for the Advisory Committee will be received until 00.00.00.

Questions to the Advisory Committee:


Advisory and Organizing Committee


draft documents for organizing committee (some of them may be restricted for specific person)